Hellas Melbourne defeats PAOK in Inaugural Greek Community Cup 2023


By Bill Roumeliotis.

Hellas Melbourne premiered in the first Football Tournament to compete for the Inaugural Greek Community Cup against PAOK (Altona East) with a 3-0 victory at Mill Park SC on Thursday night.

Mill Point soccer club

Kyanolefki who participates in Group A of the competition will cross swords with East Kew for the victory that will give them first place in their group and the qualification to the semi-final of the newly established competition. The game will be at Mill Park SC Saturday January 21 at 1:00pm.

At the same stadium on Saturday 21 at 3pm, the third group, Doncaster Rovers and Oakley will compete for the qualification.

In Group 2, West Preston will need to beat lowly Malvern City by more than a goal to progress to the semi-final at the expense of Alexander.

Detailed results to date and the next schedule of the group stage:

1st Group

East Kew defeated PAOK (Altona East) 1-0

Hellas Melbournis (South Melbourne Hellas fc) defeated PAOK (Altona East) 3-0


1) Hellas Melbourne 3 points (1 match)

2) East Kew 3 (1 match)

3) PAOK (Altona East) 0 (2 matches)

2nd Group

Alexandros (Heidelberg United) – West Preston 1-1

Alexandros (Heidelberg United) – Malvern City 2-0


1) Alexander 4 points (2 matches)

2) West Preston 1 (1 match)

3) Malvern City 0 (1 match)

3rd Group

Mill Park defeated Oakley 2-1

Mill Park defeated by Doncaster Rovers 0-2


1) Doncaster Rovers 3 points (1 match)

2) Mill Park 3 (2 matches)

3) Oakley 0 (1 match)

4th Group

Bentleigh Cobras match Pythagoras (Box Hill) 1-1


1) Bentleigh Cobras 1 point (1 match)

2) Pythagoras (Box Hill) 1 (1 match)

3) Clarinda (Kingston City) 0 (0 games)

Next race schedule:

This Saturday, January 21:

1st Group

South Melbourne Hellas fc verse East Kew 1 pm Mill Park SC – Field 1

2nd Group

Malvern City verse West Preston 1pm Mill Park SC – Field 2

3rd Group

Doncaster Rovers verse Oakley 3pm Mill Park SC – Field 1

4th Group

Pythagoras (Box Hill) verse Clarinda (Kingston City) 3pm Mill Park SC – Field 2

Wednesday January 25th

Clarinda (Kingston City) verse Bentleigh Cobras 7pm Mill Park SC – Field 1




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