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Asterios Zois appointed as new Central Board member of FIBA




On Wednesday, August 23, in Manilla, the 22nd FIBA ​​congress elected its new president Sheikh Saud Ali Al Thani and new members of the Central Board, among them the Greek Asterios Zois, for the upcoming cycle 2023-2027.

Sheikh Saud Ali Al Thani, who succeeds Hamane Niang in becoming the new President of FIBA, was elected unanimously by all in attendance. Sheikh Saud Ali Al Thani has been FIBA Vice President for the previous cycle, which began in 2019, and President of FIBA Asia since 2002, having formerly been President of the Qatar Basketball Federation and a Vice President of the Qatar Olympic Committee.

Sheikh Saud Ali Al Thani said upon his election: “It is a great honor to take over this responsibility: for me, for my country of Qatar, and for our continent of Asia. I now represent the interests of all 212 National Federations across all five Regions. 

The following are the members of the Central Board for the term of 2023 to 2027:

Ms. Carol Callan from USA
Mr. Yamil Alejandro Bukele Perez of El Salvador
Mr. Usie Richards of Virgin Islands
Ms. Yuko Mitsuya of Japan
Mr. Yao Ming of China
Ms. Carmen Tocala of Romania
Mr. Matej Erjavec of Slovenia
Mr. Asterios Zois of Greece
Mr. Tor Christian Bakken of Norway
Ms. Jubilee Kuartei of Palau
Mr. Burton Ross Shipley of New Zealand
Ms. Pascale Mugwaneza of Rwanda
Mr. Jean-Michel Ramaroson of Madagascar

FIBA Congress has elected a new President and members of the Central Board for the upcoming 2023-2027 cycle in Manila.

These Central Board members, along with the newly elected President and Treasurer, will join FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis as well as the Presidents of FIBA’s five Regions for the term of 2023-2027: Mr. Anibal Manave of Africa, Mr. Fabian Borro of the Americas, Dr. K Govindraj of Asia, Mr. Jorge Garbajosa of Europe and Mr. David Reid of Oceania. 

The newly-formed Central Board will meet for the first time on Saturday, September 9, in Manila, on the occasion of the Finals weekend of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.

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