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Insight or Perspective: How difficult is homeschooling during lockdown?




Part 39

For many children the last two years with Covid restrictions have been challenging. Same for many parents and teachers.

It is difficult enough with one child at home let alone two or three or even more. High school students are somewhat easier to handle during the Lockdown as they are used to learning online by now and can do their work independently.

However, primary school aged children, especially lower primary children can be quite challenged as they cannot concentrate for long periods of time and especially in a Zoom class.

Most teachers have a very orderly Zoom classroom but the participation, or at least, the support from parents at home is absolutely necessary for young students.Most schools have a set number of hours with many ‘screen breaks’ in between for younger students.

Parents need to be aware that a ‘screen break’ means no watching TV or playing computer games during that time, to give children’s eyes a break from the screen. Otherwise, when they join the class after their break they are unsettled and tired.

Having healthy snacks and keeping to a normal routine is also very important.

Some after school activities, like ballet classes are still provided online by some very resourceful teachers. Many Community Language classes such as Greek are also running online in the afternoons or on Saturday mornings.

It is a good idea to continue with these classes so that your child does not lose touch with their fellow students, their teacher and their friends.

Many younger students need parental support to sit through and manage an online learning lesson, especially in Greek. Dedicated parents around Australia are giving up their own activities and time because they want their children to succeed in the language.

Next week is the last week this column will run and I give some good pointers to use with your children during lockdown.

*Eleni Elefterias-Kostakidis is a teacher of Modern Greek and University lecturer. 

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