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Student startup from Greek high school wins big at Gen-E Competition 2022




Student startup, “Microgreens – Magicgreens” from the 2nd Experimental High School of Kikilis has won the first Pan-European Award and was declared the Best Student Enterprise in Europe for 2022. 

The startup managed to emerge in the Junior Achievement Greece competition and travelled to Tallinn in the GEN-E 2022 competition while coming face to face with 40 European teams. 

The team presented ‘Microwonders’, the smart tower of an old computer in which micro-vegetables/superfoods are grown with record speed using IoT technology. 

The students included in this project are Panagiotis Karatzas, Konstantinos Koukakis, Haris Koliouskas, Alexandros Katsaronas and Maria Dourou, with teachers Eleni Sidiropoulou and Stavros Katsaronas responsible. 

The volunteer/consultant of “Mikrogreens-Magicgreens” is Stratis Roumeliotis Distribution Business Manager of HP and Inspirational Mentor the President of ACCI Giannis Bratakos. 

The team had meetings for its preparation for the European Final with Giannis Voilis, Assistant Vice President at Citi, Elena Velonaki, Senior Manager, EY Parthenon, TSE Strategy and with the internationally renowned Brand Strategist Peter Economides.

In addition to Microgreens Magicgreens in Estonia, the student Drug n Drop also traveled with the smart drug management bin it created so that not a single pill goes to waste.

The bin analyzes with sensors the information of the drugs placed inside and achieves the production of the right amount that the market needs without making the waste that pollutes the environment and deprives African countries of medicines.

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