Greek Australian MPs commemorate the bravery of Greeks on OXI Day


Greek Australian politicians have released messages of respect and gratitude to mark the 80th anniversary of OXI Day today.

Here is an extensive list of all the MP’s and their statements:

Sophie Cotsis MP:

In her message to commemorate OXI Day, Sophie Cotsis MP writes that “80 years ago, the people of Greece said NO to fascism,” adding that “this history must never be forgotten.”

“We must remember the terrible hardships which people endured during the Second World War. Their sacrifice was noble. We owe them for preserving freedom, democracy and justice in our world,” Ms Cotsis says.

Full statement here.

Fiona Martin MP:

Fiona Martin MP writes that “as the grandchild of Greek migrants, I feel a personal pride in the message of OXI Day.”

She continues by saying that Greece’s defence of “human dignity, freedom and democracy” on October 28 still resonates 80 years after the historic event.

“All democratic nations can learn from Greece’s example in standing against the evils of fascism,” Ms Martin says.

Full statement here.

Steve Georganas MP:

South Australian Federal MP, Steve Georganas, has also issued a statement to commemorate the 80th anniversary of OXI Day.

In the statement, he writes: “80 years after the heroic ‘NO’ to the Italian forces, everyone’s thoughts are with the events of 1940. Greece stands proud and fights for a better tomorrow.”

Eleni Petinos MP:

In her message to mark OXI Day, Member for Miranda, Eleni Petinos MP, says the historic display of the Greeks on the day “is an enduring legacy instilled in all children of the diaspora, including those growing up here in Australia.”

“This moment in history is the embodiment of the Greek spirit and represents who we are as a people,” Ms Petinos says.

“80 years on, it is incumbent upon us to take a moment to pause and reflect with pride on the courage and sacrifice of our ancestors this OXI Day.”

Full statement here.

Maria Vamvakinou MP:

Maria Vamvakinou MP, who represents the division of Calwell in Victoria in Parliament, has also issued a message to commemorate OXI Day.

In her statement, she expresses her gratitude to the Greek people who sacrificed their freedom for Greece, adding that the messages of 1940 are “becoming more relevant.”

“I admire all those who fought and sacrificed for the freedom of the homeland and for the defeat of fascism, including thousands of Australians,” Ms Vamvakinou says.

“Now that fascism is on the rise again, both in Europe and around the world, the messages of 1940 are becoming even more relevant.”

Full message in Greek here.




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