2022 Council Elections SA: Meet the Australian candidates of Greek heritage 


The 2022 Council Elections will be held across South Australia on October 14 through November 10. South Australia has 68 Local Government Areas (LGAs) or councils and the number of area councillors representing those councils varies.

There are at least 16 candidates of Greek heritage vying for a position on SA’s councils. Here are their names:

Council: Corporation of the City of Adelaide, North Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Mary Couros – Independent 

Mary Couros has served the City of Adelaide for the past 4 years. 

“My focus in council has been delivering more for residents, while ensuring our main streets remain vibrant, with services and amenity to complement the unique character of North Adelaide…If elected, you will find me fighting to save our heritage, improving the maintenance of our Park Lands, supporting our main streets and local businesses, speaking out to improve elected member conduct and helping fix the day-to-day problems that can have such a big impact on you and your quality of life”.

Council: City of Charles Sturt, Findon Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Peter Ppiros – Member of the Australian Labor Party (SA Branch)

A resident of Kidman Park, the current secretary of SA’s Greek Orthodox Community says he is worried about the increasing density of dwellings in Findon, Seaton, Kidman Park and Fulham Gardens.

“Families need space for walking, playing and gardening. The Torrens Linear Park is one of my highest priorities. If elected, I’ll order an audit of the City’s pavements to make sure they are safe for prams, gophers and pedestrians. Retailers should be made accountable for their abandoned shopping trollies.

“We should experiment with hidden CCTV at hoon-driving haunts and places where fly-tippers disfigure our neighbourhoods. I’ll save our weekly rubbish collection from proposals canvassed in the media to make it fortnightly and preserve our three-bin system. With cost-of-living pressures increasing, I’ll be a vote against rate increases.”

Council: City of Charles Sturt, Hindmarsh Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Paul Alexandrides – Member of the Australian Labor Party (SA Branch)

As a councillor Paul says he has focussed on upgrading the area’s parks and gardens such as MJ McInerney Reserve at West Croydon/Kilkenny and Josiah Mitton Reserve at Brompton/Ridleyton.

“Our pavements need to be safe for pedestrians, gophers & prams, which has led to the upgrading of footpaths, ramps and street lighting in the ward, with much of the work in Renown Park & Ovingham.

“I’ve supported greening groups because Council should be part of addressing the climate emergency. I have lived in Brompton for 28 years with my wife Stella & we have two children. If re-elected, I will continue working with, and advocating for, the community to make our neighbourhood an even better and safer place to live.”

(L-R) Paul Alexandrides, Mary Couros and Peter Ppiros.

Council: City of Marion, Warracowie Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Chris Metevelis – Independent 

A former ABC Journalist and Media Adviser currently studying law at Flinders University, Chris says he’s seeking the community’s support to initiate changes that will benefit ratepayers. 

“I will advocate for a 50% annual rate reduction for Marion Council ratepayers aged over 80 years and endorse improvements in efficiencies for all ratepayers. I also seek your support from your vote to ramp up graffiti removal on targeted ratepayers’ properties through a casual primary assistance program and to encourage participation in council decisions from people of Indigenous, culturally diverse and LGBTIQA+ backgrounds. I want to prioritise transparency for all council activities and for in-camera meetings to rarely occur.”

Council: City of Mitcham, Boorman Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Adriana Christopoulos – Member of the Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division)

If re-elected Ms Christopoulos says she will advocate for lower council rates and unnecessary spending, especially as the cost of living is soaring and to that end I would support rate capping to protect the vulnerable and elderly in the community. 

“I would like to see Council work within its means on infrastructure projects such as more footpaths, rather than increase the wages of the Executive and Consultants. I would also advocate for a solution to redirect large trucks off of Cross Roads, for the protection of our residents. I support Christmas Carols in the community and will look for more savings on larger projects such as the Blackwood Library Hub. Council needs to find more efficiencies in its budget.”

Council: City of Mount Gambier

Councillor Nominee: Steve Paleokastritis – Independent

A resident of almost ten years, Steve says he is passionate about Mount Gambier.

“I nominated because I hope to make a difference and bring a fresh perspective to local government. I am also keen to promote the continued growth of the city through its culture, economy and livability.

“If elected, I would do my very best to address the issue of red tape, advocate for improved public health services, explore diverse avenues to address housing affordability, work towards limiting rate rises during the current inflationary period, improve councils transparency and communication with residents and support developments that strengthen our community such as, local markets, community events provide a space for locals to trade cottage industry goods and other essential items, and explore the development of a local botanical garden to boost tourism.”

(L-R) Steve Paleokastritis, Adriana Christopoulos and Chris Metevelis.

Council: City of Onkaparinga, Thalassa Ward 

Councillor Nominee: John Photakis – Australian Greens SA

A Disability Support worker John says he helps people others navigate their lives and participate in their communities. 

“I’ve been involved in the Aberfoyle Community Garden for over 10 years, volunteered to help students at Aberfoyle Park High through Inspire Mentor Program. I’ve been Chair of the Onkaparinga Northern Community Forum for the past 4 years and I’ve volunteered in programs run at the Aberfoyle Community Centre. I coined the name Affordable Onkaparinga.

“I love helping our community stay informed about developments and projects that impact them and empowering them to speak their minds. I’m friendly and easily approachable for a chat over a coffee or tea. I pledge to be an advocate for my local community and the environment we share.”

Council: City of Onkaparinga, Thalassa Ward 

Councillor Nominee: Marion Themeliotis – Member of the Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division)

A Councillor for the City of Onkaparinga Marion says she has worked with her community to address local issues. 

“I bring experience, leadership, a strong work ethic and a commonsense approach to create change. I share your desire for accountability, responsible spending, thriving local businesses, support for sporting and community groups, improved services and trust in Council. We live in the best community, I ask for your support to make it even better.”

Council: City of Playford, Ward 1

Councillor Nominee: Peter Rentoulis – Independent

The current Deputy Mayor, member of the CEO Review Committee, former presiding chairperson of the strategy and services committee and a member of the Virginia Resident’s Action Group, Peter has fought to keep council rates down and was one of the community leaders that successfully lobbied to prevent rate rises of between 5.7% and 200% during the 2017 rate review.

“In the last 4 years, I have been a part of a council that has kept rates to below 2% on average and one that has reduced debt levels by over $30 Million. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for core services that include better roads, inclusive footpath connections and responsible spending consistent with growth.”

(L-R) John Photakis, Marion Themeliotis and Peter Rentoulis.

Council: City of Port Adelaide Enfield – Northfield Ward

Councillor Nominee: Lazaras Panayiotou – Member of Australian Greens SA 

A 23-year-old Oakden local Lazaras wishes to be the voice that brings his youth peers into that conversation in council. 

“Everyone knows how difficult housing and the cost of living are to navigate nowadays. Our council should play a larger role in addressing these issues locally alongside serving an advocacy role with our state and federal governments that strives to best represent our neighbourhood’s interests.”

Council: City Prospect – North Ward

Councillor Nominee: Sally Frossinakis – Independent

A proud local, mum and teacher Sally loves the sense of community in Prospect. 

“Over the coming months I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and listening to what’s important to you. Together, we can address council rates, responsible spending, green streets, parking and traffic control. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful community – but we need renewal and diversity on council to see our city flourish.”

Council: City of Unley, Parkside Ward

Councillor Nominee: Kay Anastassiadis – Independent

A long-time Parkside resident with a background in Nursing and the state public health sector, Kays says she is committed to community service.

“I previously chaired the Parkside Primary School governing council, was on the Village Green redesign group and I chair the Open Space Contemporary Arts (OSCA) board. As Parkside Councillor, I’ve served on the Audit and Strategic Property Committees and the Economic Development Strategy Working Group. I’ve engaged with residents to address local issues such as the Glen Osmond/Fullarton intersection upgrade, tree canopy, safety on our roads, the McLeay Park shelter and others.

“If re-elected, I am committed to ensuring responsible rates and budgets; improving green spaces, community facilities and active transport; better waste management and recycling; a community climate change mitigation strategy; heritage protection and enhancing Unley’s amenity, creativity and diversity. I seek your vote to continue working for our community.”

(L-R) Sally Frossinakis, Lazaras Panayiotou and Kay Anastassiadis.

Council: City of Unley, Unley Ward

Councillor Nominee: Stephen Finos – Independent

As an Unley resident and business owner, Stephen lives and works in Unley and shares the local community’s aspirations. He has served on the Unley Road Association for over 26 years representing businesses and community interests

“For me, fiscal responsibility, local traffic parking management and local environmental action are important to me and I know are to you. As your ward councillor I will ensure Unley rate payers receive strong representation, keep rate rises to a minimum and always strive to improve services. Supporting an open transparent accountability on council will help achieve these goals.

“I support Unley City Councils Climate and Energy Plan,Walking and Cycling Plan, the rejuvenation and upgrade of Unley Road to name a few. I will be a truly independent councillor who will aim to put forward views and concerns of the Unley Community in a fair and strong manner.”

Council: City of West Torrens, Keswick Ward

Councillor Nominee: Elisabeth Papanikolaou – Independent

A Keswick Ward Councillor for the last 4 years, Elisabeth has served on 4 council committees and says she has worked tirelessly to address the environmental and climate change issues, local character preservation and local traffic management.

“A resident in the City of West Torrens for 56 years, married 32 years with 3 adult children, my 38 years’ work experience in many sectors has provided me with insight, acumen and competency to represent the needs of the community. I have an enthusiastic vision for the future of the City of West Torrens.

“If re-elected, I will remain dedicated, ensuring council resources are used equitably to benefit all. I will continue to be your local voice to advocate for the residents and local businesses to meet their evolving views, ideas and requests and ensure Keswick Ward is the finest place to live, work and enjoy life.”

(L-R) Stephen Finos, Elisabeth Papanikolaou, Zoi Papafilopoulos and George Vlahos.

Council: City of West Torrens, Hilton Ward

Councillor Nominee: George Vlahos – Independent

Currently the Hilton Ward Councillor and Deputy Mayor, George says he has had the privilege to represent his local community over the years, allowing him to gain valuable knowledge and a good understanding of the diverse needs of the Hilton Ward and the West Torrens community.

“Cowandilla born and bred, I continue to live here with my wife and two children. We actively support local businesses and sporting organisations with pride. I engage with local residents, sports and community groups as well as businesses to hear their concerns, suggestions and ideas to make the Hilton Ward and the West Torrens community a thriving and dynamic place to live and work.

“I seek your vote to continue to be a strong consistent voice on Council, to represent the local area, to continue supporting sustainable and sound environmental initiatives, to support upgrades to our local parks, ensure sustainable housing developments and other community concerns whilst being mindful of the impact spending has on council rates.”

Council: City of West Torrens, Thebarton Ward

Councillor Nominee: Zoi Papafilopoulos – Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch)

A local who has lived in Torrensville her entire life, Zoe works locally for the Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP, and has served on a number of committees including Thebarton Senior College Governing Council and the Panarcadian Association.

“I am a Greek School teacher at St George, accredited through the Community Language Schools. As a local, I am acutely aware of the issues which affect our community, and want to be a part of making decisions that benefit our community. My priorities are protecting as much green space as possible for residents, discouraging inappropriate high-rise developments in our neighbourhood and enhancing security through safety-oriented design (including improved street lighting).

“I am passionate about improving mobility and access across our neighbourhood for children, the elderly and the disabled. I want to improve our environmental performance as a council and community. I pledge to keep in contact with you and the community regularly, not just at election time.”

*NOTE: The above candidates were identified by surname. If you believe you should be on this list, please email us at info@foreignlanguage.com.au.




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