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Plans for Bondi Beach to introduce Greek-style ‘beachside club’




Bondi Beach could replicate famous beach clubs found in Greece and Southern Europe, with Amalfi Beach Club applying to Waverley Council for permission to rope off a 30m by 40m stretch of sand.

Debate has been sparked over the privatisation of public land in Bondi, which would see the area sectioned off to accomodate “high net worth” individuals to enjoy cocktails and gourmet food in luxury cabanas.

The beach club would cover around two per cent of the iconic beach, near Roscoe St for the summer.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the applicant has proposed a number of date ranges over the summer period with the club to run Thursdays to Sundays between the hours of 12pm and 9pm in the form of four two-hour sessions.

The beach club would rival those in Europe.

A Waverley Council spokeswoman said the initial proposal for the beach club to operate between November and February was knocked back in May.

“Council officers determined the proposal to be unsuitable,” she said.

“The General Manager has since received a letter directly from the event organisers, proposing new dates of February to May 2021. This proposal is currently being reviewed by council officers.”

Beach Club organisers are looking to charge approximately $80 per person for a two hour slot with food and drinks on top. The area will be able to hold up to 100 guests at a time who can choose between the 10 cabanas, four booths or 20 sun lounges and be served fare from a rotating selection of local restaurants by private waiters.

A 600 signature petition supporting the concept continues to gain traction but not all the locals visiting the Amalfi Beach Club Facebook page are as impressed.

“To me it seems like you’re taking public beach space which is free and wanting to turn a profit from it,” Karina Crocker wrote.

“Australia as a whole is lacking the overseas beach club vibe. I think this is a great idea,” said Julie-Anne Donnachie.

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