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Olympic gold medalist Sofia Bekatorou claims she was sexually assaulted by official





Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou of Greece has accused an unnamed sporting official of sexually assaulting her in 1998 during preparations for the Sydney Games.

Bekatorou made her allegation on Thursday while speaking at an online event organised by the ministry of culture and sport. A transcript of the event was released on Friday. She did not name the official but described him as having a senior rank in the federation.

Bekatorou said the male official from the Hellenic Sailing Federation kissed her, despite repeatedly rejecting his advances. After he kissed her, Bekatorou stated that she “froze,” and “did not know what to do”.

The official allegedly invited her to his hotel room to discuss team preparations, where he proceeded to assault the young woman.

Sofia Bekatorou, on the right (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Bekatorou said she had made it clear that the act was not consensual, adding that she was left feeling “exhausted and humiliated.” After repeatedly telling the official no, Bekatorou stated that she tried to push him away from her, showing that she “did not have the same desire.”

After the attack was over, Bekatorou stated that she left the room “crying and embarrassed,” and ran to take a shower, “feeling dirty and exhausted.”

In a statement Friday, the sailing federation said it had not received any formal or informal complaint from Bekatorou but urged her to make one.

Bekatorou has taken part in four previous Olympics starting with the Sydney Olympics in 2000. In Athens 2004 she came home with a gold medial, while in Beijing 2008 she earned a bronze.

Sourced By: AP News

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