National HACCI team meet new Greek Consul General and Trade Commissioner in Sydney


A delegation of representatives of the Hellenic Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) including the Board Chairs and Presidents of HACCI Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales met with Consul General of Greece in Sydney, Yannis Mallikourtis, and Trade Commissioner, Chrysoula Prokopaki.

HACCI VIC Board and HACCI National Federation Council Chair Fotini Kypraios, HACCI VIC Director of Trade Arthur Baoustanos, HACCI NT Board Chair Angela Tomazos, HACCI SA Board Chair Kostas Koutsonas, HACCI SA Board Member Alex Demetriou, HACCI WA President Dr Elena Limnios and HACCI NSW President George Mavrakis welcomed the opportunity to discuss with the Consul General and Trade Commissioner about a series of issues affecting Greek Australian trade relationships, and the business ecosystem in both countries.

The Consul General and Trade Commissioner welcomed the news of the establishment of a national presence of Hellenic Chambers of commerce throughout Australia, which would serve to efficiently disseminate important updates and information from Greece regarding pressing issues that impact Greeks of the Australian diaspora.

These include updates relating taxation, passports and identity documentation processing and dealings with property in Greece.

Importantly, the HACCI National Federation can also serve as a conduit for the dissemination of information about new online efficiencies introduced by the Greek government that are readily accessible to Greeks in Australia and could alleviate delays and frustrations currently caused by the heavy reliance on state based Consular Services.

(L-R): Angela Tomazos (HACCI NT Board Chair), Arthur Baoustanos (HACCI VIC Director of Trade), Alex Demetriou (HACCI SA Board Member), George Mavrakis (HACCI NSW President), Dr. Elena Limnios (HACCI WA President), Paul Nicolaou (Business Sydney), Kostas Koutsonas (HACCI SA Board Chair), Fotini Kypraios (HACCI VIC Board Chair). Photo: Effy Alexakis.

Mr Mallikourtis also emphasised the integral role a national network of Chambers will play connecting the third and subsequent generations of Greek Australians. He emphasised that the strength of our community is not determined by the individual achievements of a generation of Greek Australians, but in the collective achievements of the Greek Australian community.

HACCI National Federation Council Chair, Fotini Kypraios, noted that the individual success of Greek Australians is undoubtedly renowned, however increasing collaborative activities on a national level for lobbying and undertaking collective initiatives is an issue that needs further attention moving forward. This is an issue the unification of HACCIs around Australia via the formation of a national federation seeks to resolve.

“The Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry welcomed the opportunity to meet with the Consul General, Yannis Mallikourtis, and Trade Commissioner, Chrysoula Prokopaki; we had a very productive discussion, exchanging ideas about the ways to fulfill HACCI’s potential as a facilitator for professionals from Greece and Australia, in their effort to conduct business,” Ms Kypraios said.

“Both countries have set up systems to remove any obstacles for investment, employment, and trade opportunities. HACCI knows that it is important to ensure the smooth flow of information; we are looking forward to liaising between businesses and professionals from both countries, strengthening and broadening our respective networks.”

The meeting was a very encouraging encounter with many ideas shared and enthusiastic commitments by all to stay connected.

READ MORE: HACCI Federation announce new partnership with South Australian chamber.




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