MySat offers free streaming access as it works to restore interruption of ANT1 in Australia


The MySat subscription platform has been experiencing interruptions to its ANT1 channel from Greece in Australia since February 2024, leaving viewers in distress as they are unable to access their regular programmes.  

Acknowledging the widespread issue, MySat attributed the disruption to damage sustained by the Intelsat 8 Ku satellite, affecting not only their services, but also impacting other major broadcasting companies relying on the same satellite.

A representative from MySat has issued a statement to The Greek Herald addressing the situation.

“As you understand we are experiencing a major service outage, not only us, but all the major broadcasters such as TV Plus, on our satellite,” the representative said.

“Our dedicated team is working diligently to restore full service to all your favourite channels as swiftly as possible. Your patience and understanding during this challenging period are sincerely appreciated.”

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MySat offers free streaming access as it works to restore interruption of ANT1 in Australia.

To address the inconvenience faced by users, the company has offered compensation for the period of service outage; the impact of the loss of Greek channels has been particularly felt by many, especially elderly expatriates who consider these channels as a valuable source of companionship.

Complimentary access has now been provided to the MySatGO streaming service, one of the many steps taken by the company to help rectify the issue.

Customers have also been advised that they can regain access to Ant1 Pacific by simply rescanning their set-top-box.

While the exact timeline for service restoration remains uncertain, MySat said it is committed to keeping its subscribers and The Greek Herald readers informed about any developments.

The company has extended its customer service hours to address inquiries and provide assistance, expressing gratitude for the trust and support of its subscribers during this challenging time.

For assistance, customers can visit, the MySat Facebook page, or contact the customer call centre available seven days a week on 1300 976 483.

Subscribers can also watch all their favorite Greek channels through MysatGO. Download the app – no log-in required.




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