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Melbourne twins Gillianne Gogas and Nicole Patrikakos birth sons on the same day




Identical twins, Gillianne Gogas and Nicole Patrikakos, birthed baby boys on the same day, August 22, at Epworth Freemasons hospital in Melbourne.

The 36-year-old sisters, who were born together, shared the maternity experience, both welcoming sons on the same day, at the same hosptial. Gillianne’s son, Alexander, arrived at 1.20pm and sister Nicole welcomed baby boy, William, five hours later.

The sisters had the same due date however found it “unbelievable” giving birth to their sons hours apart, delivered by the same obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi.

The healthy newborns also shared the same birth weight of 3.5 kilograms.

In an interview with Nine, Gillianne said, “The timing, you just can’t plan something like that. So yeah, disbelief, shock, excitement, all of those emotions.”

Gillianne Gogas and Nicole Patrikakos birth healthy sons on the same day. Photo: Mark Stewart.

“[We were] very close growing up. We have always done everything together so this is just another example of that,” Nicole told Nine.

Gillianne and Nicole said there would be “an extra big celebration” every year for the newborn cousins.

The sisters, who have shared so much together throughout their lives, said having their sons on the same day, in the same hospital, takes “twinning to a new level.”

“Hopefully they will be as close as we are because it really is a special bond that we have,” Nicole shared.

Source: Nine

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