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Maria Alexiadis no longer President of Karate Victoria




In August this year, The Greek Herald reported that Maria Alexiadis OAM had become the first ever female President of Karate Victoria (KV), the peak representative body of Karate in Victoria.

Ms Alexiadis took over from outgoing President, John Frazzetto, after he withdrew his nomination from the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

“I know I will be scrutinised and will probably have to work twice as hard as a male counterpart to prove myself, but I’ve never shied away from pressure or hard work and criticism only makes me stronger,” Ms Alexiadis said at the time.

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Maria with outgoing KV President, John Frazzetto.

In recent news, due to “ongoing governance issues the organisation has had since 2012,” Ms Alexiadis is no longer the President of KV and nor will she be on the board of Karate Victoria.

“I think I can claim the prize for being the President who has held the shortest term in position for Karate Victoria. It’s disappointing for Karate and sport in general but change takes time – there at least was a shake up in the organisation that may encourage change in the near future,” Ms Alexiadis told The Greek Herald.

The new President and Executive committee of Karate Victoria will be ratified in an upcoming special general meeting.

The Greek Herald has reached out to Karate Victoria and board members for comment.

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