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Man refused bail after alleged gunpoint robbery of Nick Kyrgios’ car




A man accused of holding Nick Kyrgios’ mum at gunpoint and stealing his green Tesla has been refused bail, according to ABC News.

According to court documents, a 32-year-old Canberran man allegedly pointed a long barrel gun at Mrs Kyrgios and demanded she hand over the keys to a green Tesla at around 8.30 am on Monday.

The man allegedly asked Mrs Kyrgios to teach him how to drive the vehicle, to which she answered she couldn’t because it wasn’t her car.

After the accused drove off, Mrs Kyrgios found her son nearby and called Triple 0. Nick used the Tesla app on his phone to track and slow down the vehicle.

According to ABC News, the Tesla was pursued by authorities and the chase ended when the car reached a school zone. The man was arrested on Tuesday morning.

He appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on the same day and was charged with five offenses, including aggravated robbery, and was denied bail.

Source: ABC News.

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