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Man recreates Cypriot wedding scene with Playmobil




A man has recreated a traditional Cypriot wedding scene using the popular children’s action figure toys “Playmobil.”

According to the Cyprus Mail, Charalambos Pisia has been playing with Playmobil since he was a small child.

Photo: facebook / Charalambos Pisia

“15 years ago, I began collecting and buying them for myself inside and outside of Cyprus,” he said after presenting his work at the Hellas Playmobil Customisers exhibition in Athens, Greece.

His first ever visit to a Playmobil exhibition was in 2019. He was already a member of many groups with fans who share their love about the popular toys.

Photo: facebook / Charalambos Pisia

“From there, I began participating with my own scenes, and this is the second time I have submitted a creation of my own,” he said, adding that it took “months” of work for the wedding scene to be completed.

Describing the reason behind his latest creation he said, “I wanted to present something about Cyprus, so I decided to create the wedding scene so I could highlight Cyprus’ customs and traditions.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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