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Louie Douvis photographs Australian PM as he revisits childhood home for first time




Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has revisited his childhood home in Sydney’s inner west, being photographed by the chief photographer and picture editor at Fairfax Media in Australia, Louie Douvis, as part of The Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) 2022 Power issue.

“It’s the perfect backdrop to mark the ascendancy of the prime minister with the most disadvantaged background since Ben Chifley,” AFR Magazine editor, Matthew Drummond, wrote of the two-storey, two-bedroom housing commission unit in Camperdown.

In an Instagram post, the Greek Australian photographer detailed the experience, sharing how it was the first time Prime Minister Albanese has been photographed inside the home.

Drummond described the photoshoot inside the home as “impromptu,” writing that the Prime Minister was only to be photographed from outside the home until its current occupant, Rosa, appeared with arms outstretched.

“Welcome to my home, Prime Minister, and your former home,” she said.

It was then that the PM crossed the threshold. Moved by nostalgia, he took AFR on a tour of the home, finishing up in his former bedroom at the rear of the first floor.

Speaking of his mother Maryanne, who raised him while on a disability pension, Albanese said: “My mum brought me up to work hard and to be proud of our community.”

He shared how his mother had also grown up in the Camperdown home.

“My grandparents brought up five kids in this house,” he said.

“We never thought about how little we had, we thought about how much we could achieve.” 

SOURCE: The Australian Financial Review

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