Konstantina Sideris: Sacred impressions through art


Amidst the reverence and reflection of Greek Orthodox Easter, we highlight the work of artist Konstantina Sideris and her connection to Byzantine art and its traditional artistic techniques.

Renowned for its spiritual depth and symbolic language, Byzantine iconography serves as a profound source of inspiration for Konstantina. The rich visual vocabulary of Byzantine art —its stylised forms, vibrant colours, and spiritual themes — resonates deeply with her exploration of identity, belief, and cultural heritage. Gold leaf, a prominent feature in Byzantine art, plays a pivotal role in her work, symbolising heavenly light and enriching her subjects with transcendent qualities.

In her artwork, Konstantina explores two fascinating processes: the French technique of verre églomisé and the Byzantine art of iconography, employing traditional egg tempera and luminous gold leaf. Her work represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, meticulously crafted to convey a contemporary narrative infused with profound historical depth and richness.

Mother and child

The ancient craft of verre églomisé, characterised by the application of gold leaf and pigment on the reverse side of glass, holds special interest for Konstantina due to its luminous depth and reflective qualities. This technique, often associated with opulence and spirituality, serves as a compelling medium for reinterpreting Byzantine iconography. Through a process of careful layering and manipulation of materials, Konstantina strives to evoke ethereal beauty and imbue her works with profound symbolism. The egg tempera medium carries symbolic significance reflective of the cycle of life and creation, adding layers of meaning to her artistic expression.

Through the synthesis of verre églomisé and Byzantine iconography, Konstantina aspires to create artworks that transcend temporal boundaries, resonating with universal themes while celebrating the enduring legacy of ancient artistic traditions. Her ultimate goal is to invite viewers into a contemplative space where the sacred and the modern converge, fostering dialogue and reflection on the profound mysteries of existence.

Mother and child

Konstantina’s artistic practice is driven by a deep desire to bridge the past and present, infusing ancient motifs with contemporary perspectives. Each piece becomes a dynamic dialogue between tradition and innovation, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of faith, transcendence, and the enduring power of visual symbolism.

Still Life

Inspired by her passion for visual arts, particularly colour and pattern, Konstantina draws inspiration from her life experiences—including family, education, travel, and personal relationships. Her artistic practice continually evolves, embracing diverse techniques like pyrography and digital montages, reflecting her deep appreciation for the interplay between materials and mediums. Her art is characterised by its decorative, serene, sensual, and grounded qualities.

Looking ahead, she envisions expanding her subject matter into realms of imagination, allowing for organic interchange between materials and techniques. Each stage of her artistic journey illuminates the path forward, revealing beauty and mystery in all facets of life. This storytelling through art is a testament to her ongoing exploration of the human experience, cultural heritage and personal expression.

Konstantina can be contacted via email at gencadesign@bigpond.com; on phone at 041 600 019 or social media at: https://www.instagram.com/konstantinas23/


Konstantina Sideris is amongst many Greek Australian artists who have participated in the GAAD (Greek Australian Artist Directory). An initiative by the Greek Australian Cultural League (GACL), the GAAD celebrates Greek Australian visual and performing artists by showcasing their works and contributions to the Australian arts landscape.  By preserving and promoting the artistic legacy of Greek Australian artists, the directory ensures that their talents are duly acknowledged and cherished, cementing their place in Australia’s artistic narrative.

Interested artists can register their profiles by visiting www.gacl.com.au and clicking on the dedicated GAAD section.  For any inquiries related to the GAAD, individuals can either email GACL President Cathy Alexopoulos infogaclm@gmail.com or contact GAAD Co-ordinator Vasy Petros on 0412 242 557.

*This is a Greek Australian Cultural League Initiative supported by The Greek Herald.




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