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Half of Greece’s workers feel “inexplicable exhaustion”




A study conducted by Hellas EAP found 5 in 10 Greek workers feel inexplicably exhaused, 4 in 10 experience conflict at work and 3 in 10 feel no incentive to work for their companies.

The study took place between 2018-2019 and aimed to gather research on employees mental wellbeing, psychology and productivity, post financial crisis.

Commenting on the above, Hellas EAP Managing Director Tatiana Tountas stressed that “the effects of the multi-year financial crisis the country has experienced remain fresh in employment. Employees will need a long time to adapt adequately to new data , as well as to changes still taking place in a very large number of businesses.”

According to Tundas, “key elements of boosting employee productivity are their timely psychosocial support, experiencing mild adaptation to new data, feeling able to offer and feeling attachment to their company is constantly increasing.”

It is noted that a recent Hellas EAP survey showed that the major sources of stress for Greek workers include parental stress with 47%, work stress with 38%, and staff with 36%, followed by sensitive issues with 13.5% and imbalance in personal/work life with 4%.

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