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Greeks become ‘Mediterranean Feud’ champions after crushing USYD Italian and Lebanese societies




The Sydney University Greek Society won a battle between Mediterranean Sydney University clubs after becoming victors in the ‘Mediterranean Feud’ on Wednesday night.

The COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately meant that all activities for university students across Australia were cancelled. However, organisers of the Sydney University Greek Society (SUGS), Italian Society (CUI) and Lebanese Society (YALA) came together to make a ‘family feud’ style competition over Zoom.

“This year we have had to be creative,” the SUGS said to The Greek Herald.

“With no on-campus events, we’ve had to think outside the box and get our members involved virtually. The Mediterranean Feud was a light-hearted event to allow our members to have some interaction not only with each other but with other societies as well, in this case the Lebanese and Italian societies.”

Each society held independent playoff matches to determine which team would be representing their society in the playoff on Wednesday, dubbed the ‘Mediterranean Feud’.

SUGS Members in the playoffs for the ‘Mediterranean Feud’. Photo: SUGS

Members playing for each team included:

SUGS: Zoe, Dimitri, Tom and Eric.

CUI: Yasmine, Lara, Cristina, Richard.

YALA: Emanuel, Mary, George, Anthony.

For each round, players needed to buzz in to claim the No. 1 answer and clean the board. Attempting to name Australia’s most famous Prime Minister’s, SUGS unfortunately didn’t manage to clear the whole board in round one, allowing CUI to steal the victory.

Next, competitors were asked to determine Australia’s most popular sport, with CUI buzzing in first. CUI left no other society the chance to answer, taking the round with a clean sweep of the board and leading 192 points to SUGS’ and YALA’s zero.

A comeback was staged in the third round by SUGS after CUI only managed to answer 5 out of 8 of Australia’s most popular regional towns. Team member Dimitra managed to pull out ‘Berry’ and claim her team 55 points for the round.

After an intense debate over Australian slang, contestants were asked to name Australia’s most popular slang words. After SUGS claimed top answer with ‘g’day’, they couldn’t manage to get all 7 answers. Unbelievably however, the Greeks still managed to claim the points after neither the Italian or Lebanese societies could find an answer.

The results proved that none of the societies really knew Australian slang as well as they thought.

With SUGS at 148 points and CUI at 192 points, YALA were unfortunately left in the dust at the bottom with zero points on the board.

The Greeks continued on their comeback to try and name the most Aussie foods, looking to jump ahead of the Italians. After SUGS swept up the points for the round, they led the competition with 248 points on the board, ahead of the Italians by 56 points.

The winner came down to who could answer the most important question of the game; Australia’s most popular animal.

After CUI nabbed the Koala top spot, they had a road to victory yet only managed to find four answers. This gave the Greeks the opportunity to nab the victory with ‘wombat’, winning the Mediterranean Feud.

The Sydney University Greek Society thanked all participants and hoped that the event would continue on next year.

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