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Greek pilot given honour of ‘best pilot of NATO’ for third year running




Greek pilots continue to shine in the eyes of their fellow NATO colleagues, with a Greek pilot being named the “best pilot of NATO” for 2020.

The accolade was given after the Greek Air Force’s participation in the largest NATO multi-day Tactical Leadership Program (TLP). This is the third year in a row that a Greek pilot was given the prestigious honour by his colleagues.

Contrary to previous years, the name of the Greek pilot is not being disclosed by the Air Force itself, yet it was revealed that the winner was Squadron Leader (I) AA. of the historic 340th Flea Squadron of the 115th Fighter Wing from the Souda Air Base.

The winner was voted on by his fellow pilots of the participating member states from the TLP exercise, adding to the list of the Greek Air Force’s numerous distinctions. The Greek pilot was voted the top pilot of his School, and more specifically as the “Best Warrior pilot”, the leader that pilots would most desire to follow into battle.

Greek pilot Vassilis Kontopoulos was awarded “Best Warrior pilot” in the TLP meeting last year, along with Captain Kosmas Xalari in 2018.

“During the training, the Squadrons undertook missions in accordance with their mission in both National and NATO contexts, in order to familiarise and cooperate with all personnel, in accordance with NATO standards and procedures,” the GEA said in a statement.

The TLP is an organisation formed under a Memorandum of Understanding. It is not part of the NATO structure, but linked to NATO via a Letter of Agreement.

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