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Greek man behind unprecedented gang wars in Sweden




A 25-year-old former Greek hockey player is a major player in the recent unprecedented gangs wars in Sweden.

Hellas Posts English reported that the man, Mikael Tenezos, or ‘Greken’ (as he is known in Sweden), is in competition with internationally wanted criminal, 36-year-old Rava Majid or ‘Kurdish Fox’. 

Swedish media and police officers believe the ongoing waves of gang violence in the country are linked to these two individuals and their feud over drug trafficking control.

Tenezos is the leader of the Dalen criminal gang and faces a ‘war’ with Rava about who will control the drug market in Sundsvall, a city located in central Sweden.

Mikael Tenezos
Mikael Tenezos ended his hockey career with his bad grades and choices in school. Photo: Expressen.se.

Tenezos was formerly known for being a good hockey player who was both fast and technical when he played for a children’s team in Stockholm.

According to his former coaches, Tenezos was a child who listened in training and behaved normally. They believe its “unthinkable” that he would be associated with these waves of violence in Sweden.

Public broadcasting network, Sveriges Television or SVT, reported 12 deaths from shootings and explosions alone in September this year, which makes it Sweden’s deadliest month in four years.

It is estimated that almost 30,000 people in Sweden are directly involved in or have ties to gang crime.

Source: Hellas Posts English.

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