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Greece’s Prime Minister says postal voting is the solution to electoral abstention




In his weekly Facebook post, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the government’s key initiatives and actions from the past week, with a primary focus on introducing postal voting and other significant reforms.

Mitsotakis proposed postal voting as a viable solution to address the rising issue of voter abstention in elections. He emphasised its potential to facilitate voting for Greek citizens residing abroad and those within the country facing various impediments on election day.

It’s important to note that these reforms specifically pertain to euro elections and referendums, not national elections.

The Prime Minister also touched upon judicial reforms, including restrictions on the number of trial postponements and efforts to reduce unemployment below 10 percent.

Other notable achievements mentioned were the upgrade of Greece’s economy credit rating to investment grade by Fitch and government initiatives to combat high prices and unfair profiteering through market inspections and substantial fines. Additionally, measures to enhance accessibility for people with disabilities were highlighted.

In the context of climate policy, Mitsotakis highlighted Greece’s active participation in the COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai, positioning the country as a global protagonist in renewable energy use. He referenced the GR-ECO Islands initiative, with Poros set to achieve energy independence using renewable energy sources, and Greece’s emergence as an energy hub for Southeast Europe.

The Prime Minister concluded his message by underlining the imperative of state resilience as a foundation for the future. He emphasised the need for prompt adaptation to the challenges posed by economic shocks, the pandemic, natural disasters, migration flows, and geopolitical conflicts.

Rather than seeking a return to the old normal, Mitsotakis urged bold changes to transform temporary difficulties into permanent opportunities. He envisioned a 21st-century Greece actively shaping developments, confronting longstanding problems, and building resilience as a springboard for the future.

Source: Amna.gr.

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