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Holy Synod unanimously opposes same-sex marriage bill in Greece




The Orthodox bishops in Greece have collectively voted against the government’s proposed legislation for marriage equality, which includes provisions for same-sex couples to adopt children.

The decision was made during a meeting of the Holy Synod, where the bishops also resolved to communicate their objections to the legislation through an open letter addressed to all 300 members of the parliament.

The Holy Synod’s statement emphasised that while the responsibility for legislating rests with the state, it does not impede the church’s right to express its views, nor does it exempt the church from informing its followers.

The Synod stated, “The Church does not legislate and is not responsible for laws. But if she remains silent, she bears a heavy responsibility and destroys herself.”

According to Ekathimerini, as part of their protest, the Holy Synod plans to read the open letter in churches across the country on February 4.

The statement from the Synod outlined their concerns, asserting that the proponents of the bill are advocating for “the abolition of fatherhood and motherhood and their transformation into neutral parenthood,” along with “the disappearance of gender roles within the family.”

The bishops argued that the bill prioritises the “sexual choices of homosexual adults” over the well-being of future children.

This decision by the Holy Synod reflects the stance of the Greek Orthodox Church against the proposed legislation on marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Source: Ekathimerini

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