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Greece imposes total lockdown as of 6am, March 23




Greece has decided to impose a total lockdown and restrict the movement of citizens from 6am, March 23, in order to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In a televised address early Sunday evening, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the move was needed “to protect the common good and our health.”

“It is maybe the last step, one that must be taken promptly and not in vain. I will not allow a few flippant people to put everyone at risk,” Mr Mitsotakis said.

Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, giving an address.

Greece confirmed 94 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, its largest single-day jump, taking its total to 624, with 15 deaths.

Citing Italy, which reported almost 800 new deaths on Saturday, Mitsotakis said it was his duty to prevent such a tragedy hitting Greece.

“We must not get to the point where we will have to choose who lives and who dies,” he said.

Only those going to or returning from work, shopping for food or medicines or visiting a doctor will be allowed onto the streets from Monday.

To register for these exemptions, people will be required to carry a completed form on them or notify the civil protection ministry via text message and mentioning the reason one has to be outside.

The Ministry of the Interior is providing all the necessary forms needed online at forma.gov.gr and by text at 13033.

People who need to go to work are required to fill out the form on the left. For all other exemptions, they fill out the form on the right. Source: The Ministry of Interior.

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