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Greece braces for difficult week ahead with high risk of wildfires




Greece’s Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias has issued a warning about a high risk of wildfires across the country during the coming week.

According to AMNA.gr, Minister Kikilias emphasised that most wildfires are caused by human activities and urged individuals and local authorities to exercise caution.

“From Monday, we will have a lot of wind, the well-known ‘meltemia’ that according to the National Meteorological Service will reach seven, eight or even nine Beaufort in many parts of Greece,” the minister warned.

“We are living in an era of climate crisis and we see this on Corfu, where last week we had a great wildfire in the north section of the island and yesterday we had extreme weather phenomena with strong rain and hail.”

The Greek minister also noted that the “the state gives funds in good time each year for the clearing and fire protection of public spaces,” and urged local authorities to “use every last euro of these funds.”

“There must be timely clearing and also better and more effective checking,” he said.

Source: AMNA.gr.

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