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‘Greece 2021’ Committee launches first commemorative collector’s edition medal




2021 is a year of celebration for Greece. The celebration of 200 years of independence.

The ‘Greece 2021’ Committee has launched the celebration and issued the first commemorative collector’s edition medal, available to the public for purchase.

Depicting the work of the well-known folk painter Theofilos, “Greece Reborn”, the ‘Foreunner’ combines the engraving skill of the the artists of the National Mint with the most modern coin making technique.

Committee chairman Angelopoulos-Daskalaki said earlier this year that the anniversary “is not simply history, but a great opportunity to escape daily reality, celebrate – as Greeks know best – and to remember where we started from; to realize where we stand and decide where we want to go.”

She noted that although “we each have different memories, lives and dreams, all of us make up Greece.”

The commemorative coin is the first in a series to be issued by the Numismatic Program of the ‘Greece 2021’ Committee, which is implemented with the support of the Bank of Greece.

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