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GACL invites artists to take part in first-ever ‘Greek Australian Artists Directory’




The Greek-Australian Cultural League (GACL) is inviting artists to register for a new platform in what will be the first-ever ‘Greek Australian Artists Directory’.

The Directory will be available as an online digital resource, introducing Greek Australian artists (and small art groups) to the wider community. The GACL notes it can also be utilised for research and education by artists, curators, teachers, students and the general public.

“The GACL intends to support and promote those registered by sharing insights into this creative community with online publication of biographies, art statements, links and art work images,” a statement by the GACL says.

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“It will become an important community resource and an archive of Greek-Australian art and in Australia, worthy of international recognition.”

Artists will also have the opportunity to document their practise in an internationally recognised, archival community resource, and network with other artists in the wider community.

The work of the 15 Greek Australian artists taking part in the AP2020 ‘In Isolation’ exhibition, can now be viewed online as a ‘walk through’ gallery.

The new directory was announced along with the release of the GACL’s, bilingual periodical Antipodes, Vol.66. 2020. The periodical celebrates 10 years of the annual group art exhibition, Antipodean Palette, and a tribute to well-known and acclaimed, poet and author, Vasso Kalamara.

It also incorporates the annual bilingual Literary Competition results, as well as the works of the first-place recipients in this competition.

“This year’s periodical has many new contributors and a variety of articles which give this volume significant importance to our Greek-Australian literature and art scene,” the statement adds.

“We thank all the participants and offer our congratulations to the winners and wish everyone continued success in their future endeavours.”

The GACL announced that, due to the imposed restrictions, the Antipodes will not be launched in its usual physical manner, requesting that people contact them to organise a delivery method.

GACL literary competition winners

Ποίηση Ελληνική γλώσσα

1ο Βραβείο: Ξημέρωμα Γεράσιμος Μ. Λυμπεράτος 2ο Βραβείο: Η Φωνή του Πόντου – Konnor Terzakis 3ο Βραβείο: Δεν απονέμεται βραβείο

Έπαινος Α: Τα δύσκολα στα μισά της ΝύχταςΧρήστος Νιάρος Έπαινος Β: Ο Αλή Πασάς στα Γιάννενα – Ανδριάννα Καραμήτρου

Πεζό Ελληνική γλώσσα

1ο Βραβείο Ισοβάθμιο: Ο Καπετάν ΝτούντουλαςΒασίλειος Μαλλικούρτης, 1ο Βραβείο Ισοβάθμιο: Το ΚλειδίΓιάννης Γεωργίου
2ο Βραβείο: Δεν απονέμεται βραβείο
3ο Βραβείο: Η Δύναμη της πρώτης αγάπης– Γεράσιμος Μ. Λυμπεράτος

Poetry in English:

1st Prize: The Hot Breaths of Anemoi- Elektra Orfanos 2nd Prize: Diaspora footnotes- Jena Woodhouse
3rd Prize: Twilight of Hellas Theofilos N. Rigas

Short Story in English

Joint 1st Prize: Protomayia- Chris Papachristos,
Joint 1st Prize: Fifi and the Fig Tree Konstantina Dounis 2nd Prize: A set of wall robes Xenia Toul
3rd Prize: A conversation with Peter Nina Koufomanolis

Panel of Judges

Cathy Alexopoulos, OAM, (President GACL)

Dr Christos N. Fifis (Honorary Research Associate, La Trobe University)
Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis (Academic – ACU, UWA; Honorary Research Fellow – UWA).
Mr Konstantinos Kalymnios (Lawyer, Writer, Columnist)

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