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First candidate to replace Alexis Tsipras as SYRIZA leader emerges




Efi Achtsioglou has announced her candidacy to replace Alexis Tsipras as leader of Greece’s leftist SYRIZA party, Ekathimerini has reported.

Speaking from the Athens Conservatory, Achtsioglou called for a sober assessment of the reasons behind the SYRIZA party’s dual electoral defeat in May and June this year.

“We need to work diligently and patiently. My candidacy for the position of SYRIZA president goes beyond the party itself. It encompasses Greece, society, the Left, and the progressive movements of our time,” she said.

“Our objective is to place social issues at the forefront of discussions in Europe.”

She further emphasised that her candidacy is centred around the rights to common resources, education, and dignified employment.

“We stand with the majority, advocating for justice,” the 38-year-old said.

Achtsioglou is a lawyer and has been a lawmaker since 2019. Under the leftist Tsipras government, she served as minister for labour, social insurance and social solidarity.

The SYRIZA party has been in internal turmoil since former leader Alexis Tsipras resigned in May.

Source: Ekathimerini.

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