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Families who prepaid funerals left in limbo after death of Divinity Funerals’ Director




Sydney families who prepaid tens of thousands of dollars for funerals have been left in limbo following the death of Divinity Funerals’ Director Denne Cruz.

Denne passed away suddenly on Monday, November 6, leaving behind his loving wife and three young children. His death sent shockwaves through Sydney’s Greek community, with Denne’s Facebook page flooded with messages from friends and family mourning his loss.

Customers at Divinity Funerals have since reached out to The Greek Herald and made public statements online to voice their anger that funerals they had prepaid to the company have not been honoured.

Denne Cruz divinity funerals
Divinity Funerals director Denne Cruz passed away in November.

The Greek Herald understands Divinity Funerals was obliged to lodge a Funeral Bond policy on behalf of families with Funeral Plan Management (FPM), an independent and separate entity.

FPM said Funeral Bond policies distributed by Divinity Funerals will remain secure and protected, regardless of the distributor’s financial position.

Other families, who’s pre-paid funeral was not lodged by Divinity Funerals, are expected to lose the total cost of their prepaid funerals as Divinity Funerals is expected to enter into liquidation.

The Greek Herald has reached out to Divinity Funerals for further information on this issue. They were unable to comment at this stage.

Families who believe they have a current FPM policy are encouraged to call them on 1800 804 731. Those without a current policy are encouraged to contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

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