Costa Georgiadis guiding you to the garden during lockdown


The Gardening Australia team is helping guide Australians to their gardens during this lockdown period, helping develop a new love for nature and plants.

The team, with the ABC, have suggested three fun, practical and inspiring gardening activities to keep kids engaged with nature. 

Give your kids some garden free rein

Six-year-old Poppy has been gardening since she was three and shows presenter Millie Ross around her garden.

In the video, she shows other children can take care of their plants properly, know when it’s right to pick them and what plants will prosper in the Winter. Poppy makes sure to show off her incredible tomato garden and long pumpkin roots.

Take a leaf from Poppy’s tree — let your kids establish their own patch, grow what they want and nurture their plants.

Watch the full video here:

One for the birds

Our gardens are an incredibly important resource for our feathered friends. Shelter, food and water are all easy to provide in a well- established garden.

When building nests, birds will collect twigs, leaves and bark and if these are in short supply, they might start pinching from other birds’ nests.

In this story, presenter Josh Byrne shows how you can easily build a dispenser where birds can collect materials to build their nest. Kids will have loads of fun collecting materials.

Watch the full video here:

Drip pots

For a lockdown “crafternoon”, get your kids decorating terracotta garden pots with dripping colourful paint.

Sounds messy, and it is!

Presenter Josh Byrne and his kids use a great drip paint technique on small pots. It’s fun and the pots look good enough to gift.

Yes, it’s a Christmas story complete with Costa dressed as Santa, but hey, it’s lockdown — we have completely lost track of time by now! 

Watch the full video here:




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