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Greek Australians tied to major acquisition of industrial manufacturers




Geosynthetic product manufacturer Geofabrics has acquired Plascorp to create one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial products. 

The products will be used in road and mining infrastructure projects. 

“We believe Geofabrics fits the ethos that we have always used in building up Plascorp to its current stage,” Plascorp co-director George Antonopoulos says.

“I am certain Geofabrics will take Plascorp to the next level of growth.” 

“[Co-director Jeff Goldberg] and I will continue to work for Plascorp under Geofabrics ownership for a transitional period to ensure a smooth takeover of the business and to help Geofabrics in its endeavour to grow Plascorp to its full potential.”

Michael Loudovaris will also join Plascorp as executive general manager. 

Geofabrics is an international manufacturer with plants in New South Wales and Queensland. 

Plascorp has manufacturing plants in Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland.  

Source: Trailer Magazine

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