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Ancient Nemea stadium in Greece reopens to visitors




The Ancient Nemea stadium in Greece reopened this week to visitors, amna.gr has reported.

The 4th-century BC stadium in Corinthia is located in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese. The stadium played a big part in the Ancient Olympic Games and is only meters away from the Temple of Zeus.

It was previously shut down due to a lack of security. Efforts to reopen it involved the Society for the Revival of Nemean Games, the local mayor, the Antiquities Ephorate of Corinthia, and the Culture Ministry.

Photo: nemeacenter.berkeley.edu

At the official opening ceremony, Greece’s Alternate Development and Investments Minister Christos Dimas thanked everyone for their support.

“Ancient Nemea is one of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece. Its museum, the Temple of Zeus and the stadium attract the interest of thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad annually, and have turned the region into a cultural attraction. It is something we all owe Stephen Miller,” Dimas said.

Mr Miller was the late archaeologist and professor (1942-1921) who devoted his career to the excavation of the site, and specifically of the temple and the stadium, and founded the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games.

Source: amna.gr

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