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8-year-old “Einstein of his generation” from Pella surprises experts




Tasos Gerantides, an 8-year-old, third-grade student from Pella has impressed experts, with his advanced skills in flowing reasoning, visual perception and processing speed.

A combination of these skills have led him to be titled “the Albert Einstein of his generation”, with an IQ of 140.

His biggest area of interest is mathematics, which his father says he was very interested in from kindergarten.

Due to his advanced brain functionality, Tasos’ family decided to send him to a special school in Germany, where he will attended classes with three other children and receive the advanced education he requires.

Tasos’ father Andreas notes that Tasos does not sleep much as his brain does not rest.

“We are still close to him and we will do our best to assist him to evolve in the best way,” says the proud farmer from northern Greece.

Tasos’ mathematics IQ test results scored him at 148.5, where 150 is currently the highest possible score for a human being.

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