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140 children with serious illnesses to be transferred from Moria




Doctors Without Borders has called for the transfer of at least 140 children with serious health problems living in Moria inland. They have emphasised in their communication that these children suffer from complex and serious illnesses and need specialised care that the clinic of the organisation cannot provide.

In the statement, the organisation cites testimonies of refugees, such as that of Samshey from Afghanistan, who lives in the KYT.

“My daughter Zahra suffers from autism, but we have to live in a very small area with almost no electricity. She is often caught by seizures in the evening and there is no one to help us, “she says. “I just want to be in a place where my daughter can play like the other kids and see a good doctor.”

Doctors Without Borders explains that since March 2019, more than 270 children with chronic and complex diseases, such as heart disease, epilepsy and diabetes, have been seen at a pediatric outpatient clinic outside of Moria, which children need specialized care that cannot to provide them with the organisation’s clinic. 

The NGO emphasises that not even the public hospital in Mytilene can provide care for this additional number of patients, and some specialised services are not even available.

According to the Doctors Without Borders program director Apostolos Veizi, the NGO is in talks with the Greek authorities to transport children to the mainland for emergency medical care. “However, despite the fact that some children were examined, no one has been transferred yet,” he said.

For his part, Vassilis Stravaridis, director general of the Greek section of the organisation, speaks of “the government’s reluctance to find a quick and systematic solution for these children, including several infants,” resulting in a health burden. to them, “which could lead to permanent damage or even death.”

Doctors Without Borders, however, does not restrict their appeal to children only, but calls for the immediate transfer from Lesvos of all people with chronic and complex health problems.

They emphasise that priority should be given to children who should be placed on a suitable shelter near services that will provide them with specialised medical care. They also demand immediate access to “free, timely and adequate health care for every asylum seeker and unaccompanied minor in Greece”, as well as an end to “the entrapment of refugees and asylum seekers in desperate and inhumane conditions in Lesvos”

Sourced by: Efsyn

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