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Are they really OK? Ask them today and every day




Australians across the nation will today gather in person and virtually to mark R U OK?Day, a
national day of action and a reminder that every day is a day to start a meaningful
conversation with the people in our world.

Thousands of events and activities will be hosted by social and sports clubs, community groups, workplaces, schools and suicide prevention networks, championing the message “Are they really OK? Ask them today” which calls on all Australians to make asking “are you OK?”, a part of their everyday.

“The ups and downs of life can affect each of us differently. Sometimes it won’t be obvious that someone is struggling, but having the support of family, friends and close colleagues can help us better navigate the challenges that come our way,” R U OK? CEO, Katherine Newton, said.

“Don’t wait until someone is visibly distressed or in crisis before you ask. If you ask them in a genuine way, your support can make a difference whatever they are facing.

“In a time when so many of us are feeling fatigued by the pandemic, we want to remind and
reassure Australians that there is something we can all do to support those in our world, and
as those closest to them we are often in a position to do so.

“R U OK?Day is a reminder to think about how the people in our world are really going, find
time to make a moment meaningful and have a conversation.”

This year has seen an increased demand from workplaces, schools and the public for practical tools on how to have an R U OK? conversation. In the last year R U OK? have seen a 32% increase in resource downloads from the website, compared to the same period the previous year.

R U OK? resources are now available in eight other languages and to support at risk demographics such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the LGBTIQ+ community and those living in regional and remote Australia.



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