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Greek community bids farewell to Kostas Voutsas at funeral




By: Pauline Anne Brady

Today Greece bids farewell to Kostas Voutsas, one of her most loved personalities, who passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

His body has been laying in repose in the chapel of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens since Thursday, and will remain there for a few hours on Friday morning, so that friends, loved ones and members of the public may pay their respects. The funeral will take place later on Friday at the First Cemetery of Athens.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakogiannis, has announced that, as a “Token of Honour” for the tremendous contribution that Kostas Voutsas made to Culture and the Arts, a grave at the prestigious First Cemetery of Athens has been gifted to the family.

His daughter Theodora posted on Instagram  “We’re thinking of you now, dad”  …..  “You have left so much light behind you, enough to accompany all of us for an entire lifetime. The greatest legacy you left us is that you showed us how to love life, how to carry on, how to stand in the darkness, how to take a deep breath, how to find the strength within us to be able to stand up firmly on the stage, in the limelight, in front of people …. and smile!”

In a previously undiscovered handwritten note, Kostas Voutsas wrote about the beautiful relationship which had developed over the years between him and the public.

“My presence in the revered role of the artist, at the theatre, the cinema, on television and on the radio, during my tours around Greece, in cities, towns and villages, and on my overseas tours, with amazing travelling theatres and praiseworthy performers, has lasted 67 years, and it is you who give me the courage and strength to continue, in the years to come, on the public stage.

“You love me with an unselfish love, with no ulterior motive, just as I love all of you. With love and heartfelt thanks, your Kostas, (Voutsas, of course) P.S. Perhaps you will forget the things I have said whilst acting, but you will never forget how I made you feel, (signed “me”).”

May you rest in eternal peace Kostas Voutsas. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

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