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Alex Xinis to open Greek restaurant ‘Tzaki’ in Melbourne’s Yarraville




Melbourne chef, Alex Xinis, is finally opening his first Greek restaurant, Tzaki, in Melbourne’s suburb of Yarraville. 

The new Athenian-kitchen-style restaurant named ‘Tzaki’, meaning ‘fireplace’ in Greek, is set to be no larger than a one-bedroom apartment.

According to the Herald Sun, the George Calombaris protege, Xinis, will prepare traditional breads and pastries throughout the day and offer them with North Melbourne’s Rosso coffee at night, as well as smart nibbles, bigger portions, and Greek pours.

Alex Xinis is best known for his flatbread. Photo Jake Nowakowski.
Alex Xinis is best known for his flatbread. Photo: Jake Nowakowski.

Morning bakes look to contain both sweet and savory bougatsa (custard-filled pastry) and lagana (focaccia). Dinner menu favorites will include air-dried octopus strung on rails above the woodfire oven — the restaurant’s primary cooking source — “the greatest ever” smoked cow’s milk cheese imported from Greece, and flatbread plastered with feta butter.

“I want it to be an all-day hangout. I want [Tzaki to have] an edge,” Xinis said.

“People can come in, perch around for a snack and leave. I don’t want people to feel like they have to come in for two hours for a full-blown meal.”

Tzaki is set to open in March on 31 Ballarat Street in Yarraville.

Source: Herald Sun

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