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Can a healthy diet boost your immune system? Dietitian Georgia Pandelios dishes up




By Georgia Pandelios, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Owner at Nutrition Prescription.

As times have changed since COVID-19 became a consistent part of our lives, many people are asking what they can do with their lifestyle to boost their immune systems to avoid infection. This is particularly a key concern in pregnancy, for infants and the elderly, and for immunocompromised individuals regardless of co-existing medical conditions.

The real fact of the matter is that healthy eating cannot directly ward off germs, colds and viruses. However, by prioritising good nutrition for optimal health, you are giving your body and your immune system the building blocks and resources it needs to get through a viral infection.

One of the greatest myths about diet in overcoming viruses is increasing vitamin C intake. The reality is that if you are having the recommended 2 fruits and 5 vegetables per day, you are generally getting enough vitamin C – any extra of this water soluble vitamin is ending up in the toilet because the body cannot store it like our other fat soluble vitamins.

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It’s recommended you eat 2 fruits and 5 vegetables per day.

Another perk about having enough fruits, vegetables and grains, means you are helping to keep your gut bacteria in a healthy balance. Over the recent years, more and more attention has been turned to gut health research with promising results showing a positive influence on our immune systems.

I consider vitamin D to be the underdog in our nutrition toolbox. Observational studies have suggested that supplementing with vitamin D may reduce the likelihood of developing respiratory infections but unfortunately, more data is needed before this becomes a recommendation. Considering that ‘pre-COVID-working from home’ statistics showed that 1 in 4 adults are deficient in vitamin D and likely that this figure has increased, it would be worth checking you are sufficient, especially if you are spending a lot more time indoors.

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Georgia says vitamin D is “the underdog in our nutrition toolbox.”

One thing that can affect the ability for your immune system to fight off infection is not eating enough calories, protein and iron. These are key building blocks to maintaining healthy bodily functions. By making sure you are getting enough, you are equipping your body with the necessary resources it needs to withstand illness and recover.

The takeaway message here is to eat enough fruits, vegetables, protein foods and energy, and speak to your GP about a vitamin D check.

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