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Yiayia: A role like no other




On Mother’s Day, it is important to acknowledge the very special role that our beloved grandmothers have played in the tapestry of our lives. 

Our grandmothers are strong. They are fearless. They are the rock of many families.

Many grandmothers have experienced significant adversity in their lives. Some have experienced the horror and devastation of war and the poverty that ensues from occupation.  Despite this, they retain a sense of compassion and love that defies that difficult background.

Some were left alone on islands and villages in Greece to raise their children while their husbands (pappou) came to unknown lands looking for the opportunity to live a better life. 

Village life meant a modest and difficult existence of cold winters and hot summers without the conveniences of modern life that we take for granted today.

Leaving their family, friends and memories behind and moving to a new life in Australia was painful and  difficult. Yet our grandmothers embraced the challenges of their new lives and worked hard to support their family, and to keep the family unit. 

The Greek Australian grandmother has overcome much in her life. Yet what really distinguishes the Greek Australian grandmother is her tireless and selfless commitment to her family. She is the true matriarch.

The Greek Australian grandmother has raised her own kids, and now raises her grandkids and with even greater love and tirelessness as with her own children.

The sacrifice, the determination, the strength, the compassion and love of a grandmother is like no other.

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