Strofilas on the Greek island of Andros is Europe’s oldest city


The city of Strofilas, located on the Greek island of Andros, it the oldest city in Europe. The ancient Greek city was found in 1997 almost completely intact during excavations by a team of Greek archaeologists.  

The city, spanning 30 acres, dates back to 4500 – 3200 BC and is the largest settlement of the Late Neolithic Age.  

Its fortification is the oldest documented example of defence architecture with features of a 1.5 metre gate and bastions. These bastions are 2,000 older than the well-known Early Cycladic fortifications.

Part of the Strofilas excavation. Credit: Christina Tselementou/Facebook

The Cape of Strofilas is located in the centre of the west coast of Andros. This position offers the ability to control a large area of ​​the Aegean, from Attica and Evia to Syros, Paros and Naxos and the south part of the island.

Historians say Strofilas was once a natural bridge between the Aegean islands and mainland Greece.





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