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Stefania to bring back 80s pop with ‘Last Dance’ at Eurovision 2021




While missing her chance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, due to its cancellation, Greek singer Stefania will finally take the stage in May 2021 with her new single, ‘Last Dance’.

Announced by ERT, ‘Last Dance’ will be Greece’s entry for Eurovision 2021, written by Eurovision veteran Dimitris Kontopoulos. The staging will be created by famed choreographer Fokas Evangelinos.

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The song is said to replicate an 80s pop style, yet will bring in modern acoustics similar to recent songs released by Dua Lipa.

Stefania’s song was internally selected by ERT’s song selection committee in collaboration with Stefania’s creative team. However, Eurovision fun reports that the song is not yet completed and Stefania will be travelling to Greece in the coming days to work on the final product.

Eurovision Fun described the song as being “faithful to the musical current of the time (80s pop), but with a modern orchestration, highlighting in the best way the voice skills of Stefania.”

The song’s message is that “the future must be bright since it cannot and will not be the last dance.”

Stefania Liberakakis was born in December of 2002 in Utrecht in the Netherlands, yet has been known for years simply as “Stefania.” The 17-year-old Greek-Dutch singer and actress formerly represented the Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2016, as part of the girl group “Kisses”.

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