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Jessica Mauboy on how husband Themeli Magripilis inspired her new album




The album ‘Yours Forever’ is a rollercoaster ride of Jess Mauboy favourite sounds from soul and gospel to jazz and dance pop. It is also the pop star’s most candid and personal album to date.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the pop star has always found it easier to reveal her personal stories in her songs.

She sings about the time she almost broke up with her husband Themeli Magripilis under the strain of maintaining their long distance relationship, when he stayed in their hometown, Darwin and she relocated Sydney to pursue her music and television careers.

She sings about that crossroads in their romance – they married in July 2022 – in the heartbreaking acoustic ballad Goodbye.

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“That song is about when we almost broke up. We were eight years in a long distance relationship and we felt really apart, we weren’t doing things together, we weren’t creating a future,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“But we would never say goodbye (after being together), we couldn’t. We still always say see you later. “Finally we worked out how to salvage our relationship and made the move together and eight more years later, we’re living this beautiful life together in Sydney.”

Magripilis serves as her muse for several of the songs including the single Flashback, which recaptures the beginning of their “love story.”

“He’s my muse for songs; he’s so easy to write about and to write for. And he’s not bothered about that,” she mentioned.

Sometimes her songs are musical capsules which reveal some of the inner world Mauboy doesn’t share on social media.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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