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Greek comedy, ‘Ploutos,’ shines light on inequality between the rich and poor




The opening night of the Hellenic Art Theatre’s prophetic comedy, Ploutos, was a huge success as the audience became enthralled with the unique portrayal of wealth and greed.

Based on a play written by ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes almost 2500 years ago, Ploutos tackled the issue of inequality between the rich and poor in a thought-provoking and insightful way.

In fact, the plot focused on a poor Athenian man, Chremylos, who returned home from his visit to the Oracle of Delphi with a blind old man who turned out to be Ploutos, the God of Wealth. Chremylos decided to help restore Ploutos’ sight so the God would distribute his wealth to the deserving and virtuous.

“It was this relationship between the God of Wealth and the poor Athenian man, Chremylos, which really made me realise things haven’t changed much since Aristophanes first wrote the play,” one audience member said.

“The comedy was just a really clever way to comment on today’s social injustices and ridicule the unfair distribution of wealth and corruption.”

With such high praise from just its opening night, Ploutos is expected to continue its success through its performances from September 5 – 20.

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