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Dionysus Theatre Company’s ‘The Elixir’ premieres in Sydney




Dionysus Theatre Company held the premiere of ‘The Elixir’ play on Saturday, March 16 at the Mytilenian House in Canterbury.

The rib-tickling comedy, direct from Greece, took audiences on an unforgettable journey, with laughter and entertainment throughout the night.

Written by Panagioti Zafiri, with adaptation by Lucy Miller with English surtitles, the play will continue to be performed by local, well known theatre group, Dionysus Theatre Company, proudly sponsored by Mytelinian House and Antenna Pacific Greece.


When you combine a naughty businessman, an anxious wife, a misfit sister, a brainless daughter with her opportunistic boyfriend, an idiotic chauffeur, a conniving maid, a zany coffee cup reader, a public notary and a huge fortune all under one roof, you have all the ingredients for a special kind of “poison.” With the arrival of the mysterious Jenny, murder is in the air. The question is… who will be left standing?


  • Zisis Koustoulis plays Andronicus
  • Christina Zizou plays Martha (wife of Andronicus)
  • Christine Gazepis-Stavropoulos plays Betty (sister of Martha) and Litsa (coffee cup reader)
  • Manolis Katris plays Isidiros (butler)
  • Dimitria Salachoriz-Yanez plays Litsa (daughter)
  • Maria Houliaras plas Jenny (mystery woman)
  • Vageli Houliaras plays Harry (Litsa’s boyfriend) and Mitsos (bar owner)
  • Angelya Vassiliadis Balaguer plays Vana (maid)
  • Dimitris Daviskas plays Periklis (public notary)

Event Details:

  • Season runs from 16 March to 14 April, Every Saturday 7.30pm and Sunday 5.30pm.
  • Where: Mytilenian House – 225 Canterbury Road, Canterbury.
  • Ticket price: $30 / $25 concession and group bookings.
  • Tickets: available on https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1174457 or call 0418 212 611.

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