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Excavations at the Sanctuary of Helike unearths new artefacts




Found on the ancient Greek sanctuary of Poseidon at Helike, archaeologists have unearthed new artefacts which have shed light on the history of the once thriving city and its inhabitants.

It is believed that the sanctuary had once been dedicated to the ancient Greek god Poseidon, with the site being lost after a tsunami had wiped out the area more than 2,300 years ago.

In recent excavations, taking place from May 2 to June 23, experts have found the ruins of two additional buildings and have located artefacts which date further back in time.

Several sculptures, statues, iron weapons and part of a golden necklace have been unearthed. With all yielding more information related to the religious and mythological beliefs of the Helikeans.

According to the Cultural Ministry of Greece, the recent discoveries at the sanctuary have provided an invaluable opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich cultural heritage that once thrived there.  

With continuing excavations, archaeologists aim to uncover the secrets of the site and to gain a deeper understanding of history.

Source: Argophilia

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