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Victorian VCE results show Melbourne students excel in Greek language and culture




Victorian high school students received their VCE exam results, which showed students from community colleges excelled in Greek and Ancient Greek.

The Melbourne Greek Language and Culture School proved another successful year, leading to excellent results from Greek students.

41% of Greek Community school students achieved a score above 35 in Modern Greek.

Among the top students are Dionysis Papadopoulos who scored 49 out of 50 and Austrian Marmarou, who scored 47 out of 50.

Students also excelled in Ancient Greek, with three out of 17 students receiving a final grade of 40+. The rest of the students grades ranged between 30 and 38.

“This is the moment when the organisation, the program, the hard work, the collaboration and the teamwork that exists in the schools of the Greek Community are bearing fruit,” said Manos Tzibragos, head of the Community Language and Culture School.

The Vice President and Community Education Coordinator Theodoros Markou also expressed his satisfaction with the students’ performance in the VCE exams:

“We applaud and applaud the excellent results of our students at VCE in Greek and Ancient Greek lessons. But we go a step further and say goodbye to all the students in our state who dared to continue these lessons to this high level of VCE. Multicultural Victoria has an obligation to promote multilingualism as well, and we as a Community are adding a little stone to that end.”

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