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The Good Filo unveils its new kitchen




After recently launching their new Double Bay Express store with lines around the block, The Good Filo has continued to expand with the launch of its new ‘Kitchen’ located in the same precinct as their flagship store in Ramsgate. With a fresh approach and expansion plans underway, you can continue to expect the cheerfully loud and friendly Greek patisserie, that is today rated the best of its kind in Australia, to continue to evolve.

After product demand has increased significantly by its loyal following, The Managing Principal of The Good Filo, Nick Delaveris, said the new commercial kitchen will allow The Good Filo brand to expand its much loved product range, establish a wholesale division and develop a new dine in hot food menu for their patrons at Ramsgate, in addition to increasing the ability to service their catering business which has been rated one of the best by the food critics.

They are also very excited to announce The Good Filo Kitchen will be offering a cooking school where customers can learn traditional baking techniques and how to make some of the favourites like Baklava and Moussaka along with some famous Filo treat secrets. 

“Our focus is to produce authentic, high quality innovative Greek products both for our stores and for wholesale channels” Mr Delaveris told The Greek Herald.

“We are constantly searching and working with yiayiathes and pappoudes to keep Greek traditions alive that have been loved by all of us and we are very excited by the new products we are continually perfecting.”

Partner, 3rd generation baker and pastry chef teacher, Kiriakos Metaxotos, along with The Good Filo bakers, meticulously prepare all the Greek favourites daily, using recipes handed down through generations, while adding their creative twist (like the Oreo and Bougatsa tsoureki). 

Proving The Good Filo’s success only continues to grow since its official opening in Ramsgate in January, 2018.

In fact, the patisserie’s new commercial kitchen comes just weeks after its new Express outlet opening in Double Bay. Even during the period of a serious pandemic, the store opening was a hit. People flocked to the new store as music poured out of its windows, creating a little slice of Greece in the small pocket of Double Bay.

“The opening of Double Bay was awesome and we are thankful and humbled by the support of the community. A special thanks to the locals in the area” Mr Delaveris said.

“It is due to our love of food and passion for culture and people that we are expanding our brand across the country and are now in discussions with a cooperative in the US. We will also have new locations across Sydney coming soon. Watch this space!”

Something to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

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