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TGH Exclusive: George “Ferocious” Kambosos Jr – The unbeaten Greek Australian fighter who dreams of being world champion!




By: Panagiotis Dalatariof

George Kambosos is the biggest Greek star in boxing. Born in Sydney and of Greek descent, he started boxing because he was overweight as a 11 years old boy.

His father urged him to box and today, at 26, he has only a dream: To become a world champion. The reason: To see his two kids at the top.

George Kambosos, the unbeaten Greek Australian fighter, talked exclusively with The Greek Herald before his fight for the world title.

When did you start boxing? Why you chose this kind of sport?

I started boxing at age 11, because I was an overweight kid who was bullied at school. I was playing rugby league and I was struggling to keep up with the team as my fitness was very bad, so me and my father decided to try boxing out in the off season. As soon as I stated boxing I feel I love with it, I lost 14kgs as an 11 year old kid and made my move to becoming a fighter.  

Before being professional, which was your most important win? 

I had many great wins before I turned professional as an amateur. I won many state and national tournaments and got to represent the national team in major events. It is very hard to pin point my most important win in amateurs as so many were vital throughout my amateur career.

Who inspires you? 

The people who inspire me the most to continue winning and become world champion is my two kids. My daughter Evaliah and my son Leonidas. Everything I do is for them, I put my body through hell in training to be victorious in my fights, to be able to give my kids the best life possible.

Words that you made state of mind?

“MOLON LABE”, these are the words that sit in my mind when I train and fight, these famous words from the Spartans stays with me very strongly in my state of mind. If you want it, come and get it.

Your first professional win came in Sydney. What does this city mean to you?

Yes, many years ago my first professional win was in Sydney. Sydney means a lot to me, it is my home and where I have grown up. I always represent Sydney wherever I fight in the world and hope to bring some big fights back to Sydney in the near future.

You played in Greece some months before. Your feelings about the first visit in patrida?

I still get goosebumps thinking about my time in Greece and being able to fight in front my people. It was a dream of mine to fight in Greece from a young kid so when the opportunity arose i took it with both hands. I am so proud of my heritage and it motivates to continue winning and honouring the Greek flag and proud Greek people. I will return to Greece and fight again one day.

You are still unbeaten in professional career. How tough is that for you?

It is very important, I have worked very hard to stay undefeated. Every time I prepare for a fight, I prepare like it is a world title fight. I have been with this mentality from the very beginning of my career. I will continue working hard to stay unbeaten.

You played at Madison Square Garden … Amazing for a greek athlete! Your feelings?

Fighting at Madison Square Garden was unbelievable. It is is the most famous arena in the world and for a Greek Australian athlete to represent both nations in such an iconic arena is amazing. I dream of fighting in arenas like these and with my hard work, sacrifice and dedication I have made it happen.

You are still 26! What are your plans? What can we expect from you?

I truly feel I am coming into my prime right now at 26, I have a very important fight next against former world champion Lee Selby. This fight is an official world title eliminator. Once I win this fight I will fight for the world title next no matter what. I am focused on this fight and you have to expect from me to continue winning and taking another step towards becoming World Champion in 2020.

You live the american dream? What is YOUR dream?

I train hard in America and all my fight camps are over there. My dream is to become World Champion, I have dreamed of this since such a young age. We are one fight away from fighting for the World Title.

What is your routine?

My routine is very extreme. I train and prepare my body 110%, I put in a lot of work to have my body ready for war in the ring. Running, sparring, pad work, shadow boxing, skipping, weights and so much more is all part of routine.

When you not boxing, what do you do?

When I am not boxing crazy enough I still stay in the gym, I love to train and stay fit and healthy but also love to spend time with my kids and family and I love to fish when I do get free time.

Do you feel most Greek or Australian?

Both I am proud to represent both, my blood is Greek and I live in Australia so both countries mean a lot to me. It is an honour being able to fly both flags fighting on the world stage.

The message you want to send to Greek Herald’s readers?

I just want to thank all the Greek Herald readers for taking the time to read this interview, I hope you all get behind me and support a proud Greek fighter on his way to championship glory.

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