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Terry Hatziandreou attributes promotion to employer’s learning courses




Terry Hatziandreou, a Sydney-based consultant at ServiceNow, praises short self-paced learning courses from employer which, landed him a promotion within the company, according to an interview with Financial Review.

A couple of years ago, Terry left behind a retail role to accept a sales position with ServiceNow as a consultant.

Motivated to learn and get up to speed with others who had more experience in the industry, Terry utilised the companies online learning platform.

Over the last two years, Terry has enrolled in over 15 courses to learn about the company and growth opportunities.

The 25 year old hoped to find bite-sized chunks of learning that would help him stand out from his colleagues.

Learning courses from employer, ServiceNow, have supported Terry Hatziandreou in his profession as a consultant.

The short modules offered by the company are manageable while working a full time job, Terry explained.

“As employees, we’re free to go and explore these courses whenever we like… and I was intrigued to better understand the technical side of our interface that our customers see.” he said.

Terry notes the content is not “as theory-focused” compared to other corporate courses. The learning has helped him speak with confidence to colleagues and customers, as well as upskill in unexpected areas.

His training has seen him promoted into a new role understanding customer challenges, then showing them how technology can solve those challenges for them.

Source: Financial Review

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