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Nine-year-old Greek Australian Demi Andonaros shaves her hair to support people with cancer




One of the first things we learn while studying journalism is that we should not become directly entangled in the stories we report on, so we do not affect the outcome of the story itself.

This time I refused to do so. As a mother and a person whose family has been affected by cancer, like so many of us, I wanted to thank little Demi for what she did and congratulate her on her decision that -admittedly- I haven’t had the courage to make.


“During this pandemic, we have tried to shelter our daughters from what is going on around us. One evening, we were all watching the news, and there was a report explaining the vulnerability of current cancer patients undergoing treatment. Some treatments were being delayed and others cancelled due to COVID-19.

“I’m someone who always reminds our children how lucky we are to have our health. It broke my heart to see these news reports. My daughter could see and feel my concern. Not too long after watching the news, our 9-year-old Demi, told me she wanted to shave her head to raise money in support of cancer research,” Jaymima, Demi’s mother, told The Greek Herald.

The Canberra based family, not being sure if Demi understood what she was getting into, intentionally kept postponing shaving their daughter’s hair and made the process a challenge for her.

But young Demi had already made her big decision. She was even measuring her hair to make sure they are long enough for a wig.

“One day I had some free time and she asked me to make her Do It for Cancer fundraising website,” said Jaymima.

“People are already sick and suffering and coronavirus makes things worse. I wanted to do something,” Demi said, admitting that although her shaved head feels cold during these winter months, she doesn’t mind knowing she made a difference for research and patient support, for everyone fighting the disease.

Nine-year-old Demi Andonaros shaved her hair to raise funds for people with cancer

“We did the clipper part but she instructed her dad to go all the way and shave it. So, my husband put the shaving cream on and he started shaving.

“As parents we always try to teach our kids to do the right thing. I believe Demi has taught my husband and I so much more by doing this. We have learnt from her to be braver. She is our little hero. We are so proud of her,” Jaymima said.

According to Cancer Council Australia, cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia and one in two Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

To help Demi raise more money to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer visit: https://bit.ly/30aMCj0

Demi, best of luck from The Greek Herald Family! We’ve got your back!

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