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Nicholas Papademetriou to star as Albert Einstein in Sydney theatre production




Riverside Theatres has announced that Joining the Dots Theatre Co. will be bringing their hugely popular 2022 production, Relativity, to Parramatta, Sydney from May 10 to 13.

These days Albert Einstein is as famous for his quotable quotes and his flagrant disregard for combs as he is for his outstanding contribution to physics. But what do we actually know of the man under the white hair? Does the private life of such a publicly acknowledged genius matter?

Relativity by Mark St Germain asks the question: to be a great man, does one first need to be a good man?

This play will once again be directed by Johann Walraven and stars Cypriot Australian Nicholas Papademetriou (Freud’s Last Session, Clock and Spiel Productions), Nisrine Amine (Lady Tabouli, Griffin Theatre Co) and Alison Chambers (Babette’s Feast, Joining the Dots Theatre Co).

Nicholas Papademetriou. Photo by Iain Cox

Papademetriou is playing Albert Einstein in the play and he told The Greek Herald he’s looking forward to his performance.

“In 2022, I played Einstein in our original season and almost a year later, returning to inhabit the skin of genius, I’m still taken aback by the sheer complexity of this amazing man,” Papademetriou said.

“In the play he’s referred to as a monster, and he is indeed one, comprising many parts: brilliance, intellect, wit, humour, fun, empathy, cruelty, anger, selfishness, compassion.

“One could say he was just being human, but he was never afraid of exposing to the world what makes us human and displayed to the world his dark side as unflinchingly as he did his genius.”

St Germain is known for plays that place historical figures into imagined circumstances (such as Freud’s Last Session).

The truth is that in 1902 Albert and Mileva Einstein had a daughter but after 1904, the child was never seen or spoken of again. The play opens in 1942 with a journalist coming to interview Einstein but is he more interested in the public theories or the very private man?


  • When: Wednesday, May 10 – Saturday, May 13, 2023. Wednesday 8pm (Preview), Thursday 8pm (Opening Night), Friday 8pm, Saturday 2:30pm and 8pm.
  • Where: Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres – Corner of Church and Market St, Parramatta.
  • Tickets: Members tickets $43-$47 | Non-Members Tickets $45-$49 | Groups 6+ $44ea | School Groups $23 each.
  • Bookings via https://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/relativity, phone at (02) 8839 3399, or Box Office Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9:30am – 1pm and one hour prior to performance.

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